Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Party 2012

Hey guys! Been a while since I posted, but here's Disney's Holiday party. To start off with, everyday till Christmas both members and non members get a free gift. Best of all, the gifts aren't bad! A surprisingly good move.
Now the actual party. Ounce again, it's a Holiday party and not a Christmas party(which sucks) and this time it's actaully pretty fair! Everyone can ride the sleigh and collect the prize, Rockhopper's non-member item is pretty decent, and there are some non-member catalouges!
To be honest, there isn't to much to fault. Coins for Change is kind of a flawed concept, though. You decide where the money goes by donating virtual coins, just seems pointless to me. This party isn't to bad. That said, it doesn't make up for the completely terrible re-design of the Coffee Shop, Pizza Parlor and ''Clothes Shop''. Despite some truly awful and terrible things Disney did, this party is pretty decent. Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! ~frycook48

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ghosts Just Wanna Dance?!

Hey guys! Long time no post! Well the Halloween party will be on again at the end of the month, so to prepare, Disney has released a super corny, dance song on iTunes! The track 'Ghosts Just Wanna Dance' is an average crappy dance song, only with penguin inspired lyrics.. 'fun'
Honestly, CP now has choose-your-own-adventure books, 2 DS games, a Wii game, plush toys, action figures, an app store game, and a song. Talk about milking dry udders. ~frycook48

Monday, June 18, 2012

Marvel... On CP

Disney has launched a new ''revolutionary'' idea. A ''Marevel'' Avengers party. It went from memberships EVRYWHERE to.. Blatant advertising? This is beyond awful. Whatever Disney touches, turns to crap. Coming soon to Club Penguin! The Pizza Parlour being replaced by a McDOnald's Building! Kids, beg your parents for Mcdonald's it's healthy!! Bull crap. All of it. ~Frycook

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh Joy! Club Puffle

Hey guys..
Disney has now began ''Project Ruin Puffle Party''. So it's now in March, and it's become an annual party. Sounds great, right? Puffle Party 2009 was great!!! Wake up. It's 2012. We've had a GREAT Puffle Party. But the others have sucked. They have ALL been about introducing a new Puffle. So each year it becomes more commercial and kiddy. This year's wont be better, just watch. In order to keep the game ''friendly to the worldwide community'' we haven't had a Winter Fiesta and we won't be getting ST PATRICK'S DAY!!!! So in the name of Sir. Censoreverythingevenifitiscompletlyfine, we AGAIN lose: Easter, Christmas, St Patties, Winter Fiesta. I'm listing to Widgets I made of Old CP music, and it makes me angry. It was the perfect game for all ages. It was fair, and fun. People bought memberships, they made an easy couple of million. Now it's a censored-far-to-much, unfair, money sink, kiddish game. Disney will never fix any of this. In 2007, they took over. In 2008, they make minor changes, but the main stuff is still there. In 2009, we got half a good year, but around September, it got TERRIBLE. The Great Snow Maze was member's only, yet decent fun. We've lost good parties, and we're getting crap ones. Disney, oh Disney, why can't you leave things as you find them.


Friday, February 3, 2012


Hey guys,
For this post, I'll use a test account. I'll use ''MrFreezer344'.
(I'm so creative..) One thing you notice is that you get a cheap hat and cool background for joining.

The map has been redesigned, it is now a complete eye sore...
i choose to go to the Dojo, and you'll never believe this:It lets me in! I'm not even a white belt, but it lets me in straight away!

In 2008, Card-Jitsu may have been strange, but it was still fun. Earn your way up, access a hideout, hang out there. But nothing's ever simple with Disney. They chucked in member only Card-Jitsu, now to milk money MORE this. The friend system has been changed, now you pick ''Best friends''..
That's enough for today, this makes me sick...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Stamps... Stamps..

What's up guys?
Disney, as we know loves to ruin anything. Out of all their bad ideas, one came to my attention: STAMPS!!! They are like achievements, only some require MEMBERSHIP to obtain!! It's pretty fail, and was more an excuse for them to lock out levels of games(R.I.P. Mini games). They have no point, and really, who cares if you do X Stamp here. Stick with achievement. Stuff you disney!(I'll give you a stamp if you leave)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Card Jitsu Party!?

Hey guys...
If you haven't read the title, be shocked! Be amazed(if you really pleased that easily) and prepare: a Card Jitsu party!(Silence here) Basically, for 12 days, everyone gets to grind card jitsu, then lose everything(except the normal belts) when the damn thing ends... Oh and the Ninja Hideout will be open to all...
(Yes! Children's card games! Now where can we get a motorcycle?)
I know I haven't posted in aes. School, my birthday and friends etc.