Friday, November 11, 2011

Card Jitsu Party!?

Hey guys...
If you haven't read the title, be shocked! Be amazed(if you really pleased that easily) and prepare: a Card Jitsu party!(Silence here) Basically, for 12 days, everyone gets to grind card jitsu, then lose everything(except the normal belts) when the damn thing ends... Oh and the Ninja Hideout will be open to all...
(Yes! Children's card games! Now where can we get a motorcycle?)
I know I haven't posted in aes. School, my birthday and friends etc.


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  1. Yeah disney is crap. CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!!! Yeah that is funny. Anyway, I hate nowdays' ninjas in CP. Before Disney introduced them, they were just a rumou, but an awesome one. When disney got them in along with a card game of elements i immediately thought: "The cheap bastards are copying Naruto". And in this party I saw the headbands and I was like "Point proven".