Friday, November 25, 2011

Stamps... Stamps..

What's up guys?
Disney, as we know loves to ruin anything. Out of all their bad ideas, one came to my attention: STAMPS!!! They are like achievements, only some require MEMBERSHIP to obtain!! It's pretty fail, and was more an excuse for them to lock out levels of games(R.I.P. Mini games). They have no point, and really, who cares if you do X Stamp here. Stick with achievement. Stuff you disney!(I'll give you a stamp if you leave)


  1. Shut down the penguin protesters

  2. ER.. Why? If you have reason please explain, but Disney are douches. What's your reason?

  3. I dont like disney. and what's up with all the "babies" and and snobby "rich" chicks that "adopt" them. WTH. Fail, man... its just... fail.