Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ghosts Just Wanna Dance?!

Hey guys! Long time no post! Well the Halloween party will be on again at the end of the month, so to prepare, Disney has released a super corny, dance song on iTunes! The track 'Ghosts Just Wanna Dance' is an average crappy dance song, only with penguin inspired lyrics.. 'fun'
Honestly, CP now has choose-your-own-adventure books, 2 DS games, a Wii game, plush toys, action figures, an app store game, and a song. Talk about milking dry udders. ~frycook48


  1. I'm back. It's me chobotrobot1/icypop98

  2. Hey guys, pleased to find your blog. I am actually organising a serious penguin protest in Adelaide, South Australia- opposing the location of a proposed mineral export port, just one kilometre from a breeding colony of Little Penguins. Please take a look at our website for more info- it would be excellent if you would help spread the word to penguin fans. We have a petition open for signatures also. More details on our website.

  3. I'll say! Even more crappy CP songs are available.