Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Party 2012

Hey guys! Been a while since I posted, but here's Disney's Holiday party. To start off with, everyday till Christmas both members and non members get a free gift. Best of all, the gifts aren't bad! A surprisingly good move.
Now the actual party. Ounce again, it's a Holiday party and not a Christmas party(which sucks) and this time it's actaully pretty fair! Everyone can ride the sleigh and collect the prize, Rockhopper's non-member item is pretty decent, and there are some non-member catalouges!
To be honest, there isn't to much to fault. Coins for Change is kind of a flawed concept, though. You decide where the money goes by donating virtual coins, just seems pointless to me. This party isn't to bad. That said, it doesn't make up for the completely terrible re-design of the Coffee Shop, Pizza Parlor and ''Clothes Shop''. Despite some truly awful and terrible things Disney did, this party is pretty decent. Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! ~frycook48


  1. From now on I'll be known as milkshake01. You can find me on or at @milkshakeone on Twitter. Why are you inactive on now? I miss you.

    -chobotrobot1/icypop98 (Likely the last time I'm gonna use these aliases)

  2. Frycook48, since you are rarely active on this blog and I don't want to risk losing contact with you, do you have any other way to contact you which you are active in?

  3. Also, I sometimes contact @rocketsnail on Twitter. They said that Penguin Chat cannot be returned because "Penguin Chat became Club Penguin". You may want to contact them because they usually reply about your complaints.